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Johnstone photography

  We separate the whole work flow to our experts so that every photo from us becomes an artwork. Because our experts know everything from equipmenting to operating, and from lighting design to post-producing. What you need to do is just leave it to the professionals, us.

JohnStone photography

  We make packages as a starting point. If a package dose not reach to exactly what you want, let us know what you’re thinking and we will make a customized package for you.

  We follow customer`s dress code when operating. Event if our customer dose not have a special request, we wear properly, because photography is our serious business.

johnstone photography promise

  We provide our best photo and video service to every of our customers with all of our respect and knowledge in our particular area, this is the promise to everyone, and this is who we are.

JohnStone photography Q & A

Where are you located?

  I am located in Walnut city whitch is a beautiful place in Los Angeles county. And I like driving, I often drive up to 50 miles to serve people.

How long have you been a photographer?

  I started to learn photography in 1999, I started photography as a job in 2003, and I became a certificated photographer in 2007. So technically, I have been in this industry for more than 15 years.

Do you work by yourself only?

  For a light task such like party or conference, I work by myself with 2-3 cameras for photos and videos. But For a bigger event such like wedding, there always be at least 2 assistants work with me.  

Are your assistants as good as you are?

  Yes, of course. I have been working with them for years, they are reliable and punctual, and they work as hard as I do.

What equipment do you use?

  We use Sony a7 mark iii and Canon 6D mark ii for regular photo shooting, and we use Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K for video shooting if our client ask us for a cinematic level image quality. 

How many pictures do we receive?

  Generally, 1 hour coverage with 1 photographer should leave you with about 50-100 images for a regular event. For an event such like wedding,  you will receive 400-1000 photos

How long do we wait to see our wedding pictures?

  All pictures are ready 3-5 weeks after the wedding.

Do you edit and photoshop pictures?

  Yes, I edit pictures with Lightroom and Photoshop. They are used for different purpose, photoshop is designed for editing details, Lightroom is just for basic bulk images adjustments.

Do you offer albums?

  Absolutely yes, my clients can choose their album from a large selection of custom, hand made albums at any time.

I have a lot of ideas pinned on Pintrest. Can you duplicate them?

  I can not guarantee your photo will look exactly like the Pinterest photo, but we will sure try to get you the “look” you are going for 🙂

I really would love to work with you, but you’re out of my budget, what can I do?

  I understand your situation, let`s sit down and customize the package you need, together we can figure out whitch service is necessary and whitch is not. After that, most of my clients find out what kind of service they really need. This is the power of communication 🙂 

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